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(By the way, if you'd like to suggest a fun site that helps you waste time, just email the link to

Sure, you've heard of U-Tube.  But here's
another site with some really cool, user-
submitted videos!                                  

Miss the old arcade games?  Donkey Kong,
Pac Man, Space Invaders!  Plus old Nintendo
stuff!  You'll find loads of them here!     

Here's a fast-paced, mouse-hand-finger-
eye coordination game!  Requires a
high-speed internet connection, and a
lot of caffeine!                                    

A huge variety of cool, free games
on this site.  You'll find something
for kids of all ages!!                  

Another very similar site for free
games...  Requires you to create
an account to log-in, but it's free.  
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