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(By the way, if you'd like to suggest a fun site that helps you waste time, just email the link to brian@wybr.com)

Sure, you've heard of U-Tube.  But here's
another site with some really cool, user-
submitted videos!                                            www.break.com

Miss the old arcade games?  Donkey Kong,
Pac Man, Space Invaders!  Plus old Nintendo
stuff!  You'll find loads of them here!               http://www.1980-games.com//

Here's a fast-paced, mouse-hand-finger-
eye coordination game!  Requires a
high-speed internet connection, and a
lot of caffeine!                                              http://www.jmtb02.com/flash/firestorm2.swf

A huge variety of cool, free games
on this site.  You'll find something
for kids of all ages!!                            http://www.miniclip.com/games/en/

Another very similar site for free
games...  Requires you to create
an account to log-in, but it's free.        http://freeonlinegames.com  
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