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2019 Bridal Show

2019 Bridal Show

The bridal show has plenty to offer for brides to be. At the show, you can expect to see demonstrations of different music and line dancing. The DJ's will interact with the crowd as if they were your guests. Watch them get the crowd off their feet to dance like no one is watching.

Are you looking to have the perfect glow on your wedding day? Don't have the time between planning to gradually tan in the beds? We have the solution for you, and you get to watch first hand at the show! Watch our talented friends at Aloha Tan & Travel transform a volunteer who has been suffering from lack of sun, to a golden goddess within minutes. 

Love your tattoo's, but want to keep them hidden on your wedding day? No worries, we have you covered, literally. Come watch our best beauty consultant perform magic. She will make a tattoo disapear within seconds, without any harmful surgery or lasar technology. Come see for yourself and be amazed at how simple it is!

There will be more to announce, stay tuned and look for the next post each day before the Bridal Show, this Sunday from 1:00-4:00 PM

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